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Tibet Overland Tour

One of the purest places in planet Earth, Tibet, is a restricted area, and that makes it even so more special. From the mysticism to culture, tradition, landscape, religious value and spiritual importance, Tibet has it all. This Tibet overland tour will help you explore those sides of the place. Tibet is the highest region on earth, with an average altitude of 4,900m. Clear blue sky with snowcapped mountains, sparkling sunrise and sunset over Himalayan ranges and daily life of the locals and Tibetan Lamas with meditation and enchantments in Monasteries, there is no better way to uplift your spirit. This 7 nights and 8 days Tibet overland tour is brings you up close with Tibet.

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  • 8 Days
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Attractions/highlights of the Tibet overland tour (The itinerary consists of more places, these are just the highlights):

Lhasa (3,650m)

The capital of Tibet and also the cultural heritage, Lhasa is by all definitions a mystical and magical city. Its unparalleled uniqueness is still intact even with changes going on since thousands of years. Lhasa gives the medieval feels and its ancient palaces, temples, streets, relics, religious and cultural history still astound visitors. This is one of the must see cities in the world.

Potala Palace: Listed in the UNESCO world heritage site list, this 17th century palace is now kept as a museum and opened to public. It was once the residence of 5th Dalai Lama. This palace with 1000 rooms and 13 floor is like nothing else in the world.

Jokhang Temple: Once you go ahead 2km to the East of Potala Palace you will come across this serene and peace Buddhist temple in Tibet, Jokhang is one the most famous Buddhist temples here. King Songtsan Gompo built this temple in 647 AD. He was married to Bhrikuti who Tibetans iconize as ‘Green Star’. Bhrikuti was a princess of the Lichhavi dynasty from Nepal and is believed to be the daughter of king Amsuverma. This temple was built to demonstrate images of Buddha Bhrikuti Devi took to Tibet from Nepal.

Norbulingka Palace: The 7th Dalai Lama built the Norbulingka Palace in 1755 AD. This is another UNESCO world heritage site in Tibet. This Palace was summer residence of the 7th and consecutive Dalai Lamas from the 1780s and ahead until in 1959 the 14th Dalai Lama had to exile to India.

Drepung Monastery: 5km from Lhasa’s western suburb, Drepung monastery is the largest of monasteries in Tibet. Founded by Jamyang Chose Tashi Palden in 1416, Drepung houses up to ten thousand monks. It is one among the three Gelupka Monasteries in Tibet that function as a university.
Sara Monastery: Another in the pact of three Gelupka monasteries, it serves as a university as well and houses up to 5000 monks. It was founded in 1419 and is located in proximity from central Lhasa, only 5 km away.

Shigatse (3,900m): This is the biggest Tibetan city after Lhasa. It is located 280km to the South-west of Lhasa, if you take the newly formed highway. Shigatse is Tsang province’s traditional capital. It has been since a long time Lhasa and Shigatse have been administratively and commercially linked. The magnificent and unparalleled Tashilhunpo monastery is in Shigatse. This was the monastery founded by 1st Dalai Lama in 1447. This monastery serves as Panchen Lamas’ traditional seat. However, in 1719 when the Gorkha Kingdom of Nepal invaded Tibet, won Shigatse and attacked the monastery, it was sacked. But peace was made later on as the Chinese Army and Tibetan Army joined forces to defeat the Gurkhas. Traditional markets also qualify as one of the attractions of this city.

Gyantse: Historically considered as the 3rd largest Tibetan cities, however, now there are more than 10 Tibetan cities that are larger, Gyantse is a traditional and historical city with much to offer.


Day 1Lhasa

Kathmandu (13,40m) to Lhasa (3,650m) on flight

This one hour flight will take you over the spectacular and highest mountain ranges in the world, Himalaya. Upon your arrival in Lhasa our representative will check you in to your hotel where you can rest and acclimatize.

Day 2Lhasa

Lhasa tour

There are so many places of importance and interest to visit in Lhasa that a day would not be sufficient. In this two days Lhasa tour you will visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera and Drepung Monasteries, Barkhor Bazaar and more. Overnight stay at a hotel in Lhasa.

Day 3Lhasa

Lhasa tour

There are so many places of importance and interest to visit in Lhasa that a day would not be sufficient. In this two days Lhasa tour you will visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera and Drepung Monasteries, Barkhor Bazaar and more. Overnight stay at a hotel in Lhasa.

Day 4Shiagtse

Lhasa to Shiagtse (xigatze)- 280km in distance

A 280 km of picturesque drive from Lhasa to Shiagtse will take you through rivers and valleys, mountains and blue skies and many historical remains along the way. Overnight stay at a hotel in Shiagtse.

Day 5Gyantse

Shiagtse to Gyantse (3,950m) – 90 km

We will start early in the morning to see the Tashilhumpu Monastery. Then drive to Gyantse to visit Phalkor Monastery and Kumbm Stupa. Overnight stay at a hotel in Gyantse.

Day 6Tsedang

Gyantse to Tsedang (3,400m)-29km

We will be driving the full day, but the drive is one of the most beautiful ones. We will cross over Kambala (4,794m), Karola (5,010m) and the Yamdrok Lake which is so rich in color. Continuing the drive along the lines of Bhramaputra or the Yarlung Tsangpo River, we will stop at Tsedang for overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 7Samye Tsedang

Tsedang to Samye Tsedang – 80km

We will start in the morning with a scenic drive from Tsedang to Samye along the lines of other side of the Yarlung or the Brahmaputra River and make a visit to Samye Monastery. In the afternoon we will get back to Tsedang to visit Tumbulakhang and the Thandruk Monastery. Overngiht stay at a hotel.

Day 8Kathmandu

Tsedang to Kathmandu

We will drive for two hours from Tsedang to the airport and get back to Kathmandu via air.

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