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Annapurna Himalaya Region

The world’s tenth highest and massif mountains with range of staggering peaks

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Annapurna Himalaya Region is one of the vast mountain ranges located in Nepal’s North Mid-West Himalayas. Close in-between world’s 7th high Mt. Dhaulagiri and 8th Mt. Manaslu Himalaya range.One of the most visited adventure destinations in and around the massive Annapurna Himalaya region. Although the world’s 10th highest Mt. Annapurna at 8,091 m and 26, 545 feet high. It was the first 8, 000 m peaks ever climbed in the history of mountaineering. Summited by French Expedition on June 3rd, 1950, three years ahead Mt. Everest was conquered by Tenzing & Hillary in 1953.The Annapurna Himalaya range with a group of satellite peaks.The main Mt. Annapurna-I, with A-II and A-III and IV, includes Annapurna South, Huin Chuli, Annapurna Fang / Vara Shikar, and the majestic Machhapuchare Himal, the famous Fish-Tail peak. As well as several lesser and higher peaks from above 8,000 m, 7,000 m to below 6,000 m peaks. Which make Annapurna Himalaya one of the best trekking destination and for various adventures. The name Annapurna comes from ancient Sanskrit means “Anna for crops/food and Purna for enough”.Certainly, a mountain that feeds millions of Nepalese people, where glacier turns into a river to irrigate fields of crops. Thus yielding a good harvest for all farmers with enough crops/foods.Annapurna Himalayas with a vast region, where one can trek the southern hills, and east or west of Annapurna Himalayas. As well towards the northern and backside of massif Annapurna Himalaya range.Eco Himalaya Treks & Travels, presents famous trekking destinations from the main popular route to off-the-beaten trails.
An adventure of less than a week to more of a two weeks, from moderate to adventurous trekking. The Annapurna Himalaya range offers much more, besides the above list for interested trekkers and adventurers.
For other trekking around the Annapurna region, let us know your interest, we also run and organize private trips and tailor-made or customized programs and itineraries. As per your time and holidays in Nepal, where all can enjoy from family, school/college group to corporate executives.


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      Major Highlights

      1. Mt. Annapurna & Mt. Dhaulagiri panorama Poon Hill Trekking.
      2. Mt. Annapurna & Mt. Dhaulagiri panorama Poon Hill Trekking.
      3. Poon Hill & Mt. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking.
      4. Mardi Himal Trekking.
      5. Annapurna Himalaya Circuit Trekking.
      6. Annapurna Semi Circuit & Tilicho Lake Trekking.
      7. Nar-Phu Valley & Semi Annapurna Circuit Trekking.
      8. Khopra Ridge & Khair Lake Trekking.


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