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Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal

Nepal has been voted the number 1 vest value destination by Lonely Planet. It is indeed a budget travel destination with so much to offer. One of the best ways to make a budget vacation and see various places of interests is to choose the right tour.

Tour in Nepal

What are the different tours in Nepal? What are your options? It is important to know answers to those questions first.

From trekking tours, mountain climbing tours, cultural and historical tours to yoga and meditation and other tours, you have as many options you’d like to have. It does depend on your time, budget, interests and physical condition. Nepal is an adventurer’s dream destination. So, naturally you have various tour options regarding treks, mountain climbing and adventure sports. Here’s more on that:

What different tours options are available in Nepal?
  1. Trekking tours in Nepal: There are many trekking companies that can help you make the right trek. Trekking a group, even if it is of just two or 3 people, is safer, more practical and comes at a cheaper price. Whether it is Annapurna region, Everest region, Langtang region, Manshlu region or any other trekking expedition in Nepal, there are trekking and tours companies that will help you do the trek.
  2. Historical/Cultural Tours: Nepal is known to the world as the Birthplace of Buddha. A lot of tourists with Buddhist faith visit the Lumbini region, birthplace of Buddha. Other cultural tours include tours inside Kathmandu city, you can visit temples, monuments and stupas. Cultural tours can be made a part of your trekking tour as well. Tamang heritage trek is a great example.
  3. Yoga and meditation trekking tours: Want to have an experience of meditiation and yoga in the Himalaya? You have yoga trekking tour options for that. You will have a yoga guide along with you in the tour. This can be a live changing experience for you.
  4. Adventure sports: When it comes adventures, Nepal is a dream come true. From paragliding, mountain flights, white water rafting, canopying, bungee jumping, skydiving, zip line, trail running to so much more, you have numerous options. With the help of the right travel and tours provider you can get a good price to join the adventure sports you like.
  5. Mountain climbing: Home to the tallest mountains in the world, Nepal gives mountaineer the utmost joy. Whether it is climbing the highest peak of the world, Everest or preparing for the highest ones by starting with smaller mountains like Island peak, Mera peak etc, the right travel tours company will lead your way.

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