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Mardi Himal

Adventure around the hidden pockets of Annapurna Himalayas

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Mardi Himal, an adventure off the beaten tracks away from villages and mainstream trails, takes you to absolute mountain wilderness.The Mardi Himal is part of the Annapurna Himalayan chain of peaks, separated from the south flank of majestic Machhapuchare Himal. The famous virgin Fish-Tail and unclimbed peaks around the Himalayas, where Mardi Himal stands right beneath.Mardi Himal is listed as a trekking peak at 5,587 m and 18,330 feet high, often visited by climbers and adventurers. Our destination leads to Mardi Himal high viewpoint at 4,500 m / 14,850 feet. The area around Mardi Himal is also known as ‘Other Sanctuary’ due to its close location, to the actual Annapurna Sanctuary.An interesting country walks into dense forest lined with tall rhododendron and pine trees but soon fades to short bushes. On reaching the higher terrain from High Camp and beyond to Mardi Himal scenic view-point.A wonderful adventure of week duration, allows trekkers to enjoy the perfect harmony of pristine natural surroundings. In the close shadow of the giant snow mountain range, with jaw-dropping scenery of spectacular scenery of Annapurna Himalayas.

The Mardi Himal region was unknown to the outside world but over the past few decades slowly drawing more trekkers. As well getting much popular among trekkers and climbers, due to its serene scenic environment and excellent views.Adventure to Mardi Himal Trekking starts from charming Pokhara, a city blessed with the natural beauty of mountains and lakes.A short exciting drive from Pokhara to the foot of Annapurna Himalayas high rolling green hills. Where climb leads to cooler surroundings to reach our highlight destination at Mardi Himal high view-point.An enjoyable walk into enchanting woodland, facing an array of snow peaks as adventure progress reaching the Mardi Himal area.

On the highest point of the trek, facing a stunning panorama of Annapurna Himalayan peaks and close to Machhapuchare Himal.After a glorious enjoyable moment enclosed with an array of snow peaks, then head downhill to the low warm village of Siding.From here an interesting short drive reaches beautiful Pokhara by the serene Phewa Lake. A perfect place to conclude the marvelous adventure after a wonderful experience on Mardi Himal Trekking.


Day 1Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

On first arrival at Kathmandu and Nepal International Airport received by our guide and staff with traditional greetings. Taking care of your baggage, and then a short drive to the hotel, located in the heart of a city near the exciting areas at Thamel. Check into your lovely rooms, after getting refreshed from the Jet-Lag, join in with other members for group briefing. Provided by your guide or Group Leader, offering information regarding the trek, hotels, local lodge.As well of local culture with do’s and don’ts, evening a group welcome dinner in a nice authentic Nepali Restaurants. Entertains the environment with folk cultural program as introduction to Nepalese heritage and culture.

Day 2Tour of Kathmandu heritage sites of great interest.

Morning after breakfast, at given time our city and cultural guide will receives you at the hotel. A short drive to the hub of Kathmandu city, for exciting tour of old Durbar Square / Palace Courtyard. The area is teemed with life and activities, a great way to soak into Nepalese cultures. Visiting historical and religious monuments listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites most of the ancient buildings.
After an interesting time at Durbar Square, a short drive to Nepal’s most important landmark, the Swayambhunath Stupa of more than 2,600 years old history. A Buddhist monument tucked on a hill top west of the city, from here visit the Hindu holy temple of Pashupatinath. The tour continues to large dome Stupa of Bouddhanath, as well known as ‘Little Tibet’. A great place to enjoy the tour of the world’s largest Stupa with all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha.

Day 3Fly or drive to Pokhara 860 m (30 mins by air)-06 hours on road.

Depending upon the trip cost where flight or drive included, as per the size of a group either travel by private car, coach or in regular Tourist Bus to Pokhara.

An interesting overland journey and the best way to observe Nepal’s rural farm life, as drive heads beyond Kathmandu valley. Views of snow peaks along the drive following the Trisuli River for some hours. As drive diverts due west then reaching at beautiful city in Pokhara by the serene Phewa lake side.
Where most good hotels, shops and restaurants are located, an exciting place for overnight stop.
(Options for short flight of half hour to Pokhara from Kathmandu)

Day 4Drive to Kande 1,530 m and trek to Potana 1,900 m via Australian Camp / Thulo Kharka 2,050 m-1 hr. ride with 3 hours walks.

Drive to Kande 1,530 m and trek to Potana 1,900 m via Australian Camp / Thulo Kharka 2,050 m-1 hr. ride with 3 hours walks. Morning at the hotel in Pokhara Lake side, enjoy the morning views of Annapurna Himalayas along with breakfast. Depart for the trek taking a short drive to the starting point of the walk from Kande village. Located in the midst of Baglung and Pokhara Highway, from here walk follows uphill for few hours.Heading into cool forested path reaching a lovely scenic spot at Thulo Kharka, but popularly known as Australian Camp. Enjoy the superb panorama of Annapurna, Manaslu Himalayas with Mt. Dhaulagiri and towering Machhapuchare Himal.

Day 5Trek to Forest camp 2,520 m via Deurali 2,100 m-06 hrs.

Enjoy the morning glorious views of snow peaks, start the day walking uphill into a cool shade of forest. Reaching a high ridge at Pritim Deurali, another opportunity with grand scenery of beautiful landscaped of rice terraces along with views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri peaks.

From our route diverts heading north into dense tree lines with climb to overnight stop in a small settlement called Forest camp. A place with few simple good Lodges, amidst serene forest surroundings.

Day 6Trek to Badal / Low Camp 2,970 m - 05 hrs.

After a pleasant overnight at Forest Camp lodge, morning walk follows higher trail
into woods. Facing occasional views of surrounding hills and valleys with snow peaks, after hours of good climb reaching at Low Camp. A place with some good lodge, the area also called as Badal, an area often covers with mist and fogs, hence the name Badal.

Check into one of its nice lodge with basic facilities, situated within deep forest surroundings.

Day 7Trek to High Camp 3,700 m - 05 hrs.

From here onwards heading closer to our destination, morning begins with steep
climb, as tree lines drops to short bushes. Walk on the high ridges of Mardi facing views of dramatic landscapes of rolling hills with snow mountain range.
Then ending the days walk in good time reaching at a place called as High Camp for few overnight stops. Before the hike to our main highlights to Mardi Himal View Point.

Day 8At High Camp for hike to Mardi Himal View Point 4,500 m.

Start the morning having early breakfast, then setting off towards our main goal and highlight. Walk follows on high ridges path all the way to our exact spot and destination at Mardi Himal View Point. Standing close beneath towering south face of Machhapuchare and Mardi Himal. Enjoy the fantastic panorama of Annapurna Himalaya range with far peaks of Manaslu towards east horizon.After an exciting moment feeling high, reaching the highest point of the adventure, return down to High Camp for last overnight on the high sideof Mardi Himal.

Day 9Trek to Siding village 1,750 m-06 hrs.

One of the longest day walk of the journey, on leaving the High Camp heading
down towards Low Camp. From here taking an alternative route downhill all the way to the bottom of Mardi Himal high hills. Where the temperatures gets much warmer on reaching the low farm land at Siding village for last overnight stop
before Pokhara.

Day 10Short walk and drive to Pokhara 860 m-02 hrs .

Last day from around the farm villages and remote areas of Annapurna and Mardi Himal. Morning short walk to the road-head for interesting drives of few hours to Mardipul village, following the Mardi River. Then on the main highway towards
Pokhara Lake side for overnight in the comfort of nice lovely hotels.

Day 11Fly or drive to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel .

Depart from the hotel in Pokhara, for interesting overland journey back to Kathmandu on the same scenic highway. On reaching the hotel in Kathmandu by late afternoon, rest of day free for individual activities and shopping souvenirs. (Option for short flight of half hour to Kathmandu from Pokhara)

Day 12International departure for homeward bound.

Your last day in Kathmandu and Nepal, as per your international flight time our staff transfer you to the airport. Then bid farewell to guide and staff as you enter the airport terminal for homeward bound flight, after a wonderful memorable adventure to Mardi Himal Trekking.

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    Place Location


      Major Highlights

      1. Standing beneath towering Machhapuchare Himal / Fish Tail and Mardi Himal .
      2. Short and scenic adventure on hidden trails of massive Annapurna Himalayas .
      3. Constant sweeping panorama of Annapurna Himalaya range on daily walks .
      4. Explore the isolated settlements and villages enriched with age-old cultures .
      5. From dense green forest to high and dry scenic mountainous wilderness .


      Short Trek Profile

      Trekking Mode

      Tourist standard to *** Hotels, in Kathmandu and Pokhara, local lodges on trekking.

      Trekking Grade

      Moderate to Adventurous walks .

      Highest Spot

      4,500 m / 14,850 feet high at Mardi Himal View Point .


      ightseeing tour in Kathmandu, exciting drive /options for flights, scenic cultural country walks .

      Trek duration

      06 Nights & 07 Days from Pokhara to Pokhara .

      Total Trip

      11 Nights & 12 Days from arrival to departure .

      Best Seasons

      The best seasons for Mardi Himal Trekking adventure, is in spring and autumn/fall however one can visit nearly all year round, except the wet monsoon time of July and August.The spring time starts from March to May, where days are longer with enough sun-light hours. Lower areas below 1,500 m are much warmer throughout the day, but on high hills the air get cooler for exciting views and pleasant walks.

      The right season with wildflowers in seasonal bloom, especially the rhododendron of various species from tall trees to shorter bushes. Which is also the national flower of Nepal the rhododendron arboreum species, which is bright red in color.Morning and late afternoon till night time is cold from 2,000 m above, chances of light rain and snow-fall sometimes.The next best season is autumn/fall, the high time for trekking around the Himalayas. Most days are crystal clear for scenic walks and best views, but short days due to sun-light hours. Can be much colder from late afternoon till the next morning before the sun hits the area. Chances of snow-fall sometimes from
      2,500 m high.

      What to Expect

      Nepal is a country of the world’s highest mountain range known as the Himalayas, where 80 % of landscapes are covered by hills. As well as greater ridges and mountains, where one can expect walking ups and downhill.The only flat land of the country is located south, which extends from the Far East to the Far West of Nepal. The low land is known as the Terai belt, of sub-tropical climate, the country with most mid and high hills.

      The people around the hills, especially around Annapurna Himalaya’s southern range are Magar and Gurung tribes of people. Practice both Hindu and Buddhism religions, the villages are interwoven with Buddhist, houses are adorned with prayer flags.The lower areas of Annapurna Himalaya are heavily cultivated with paddy and other seasonal crops. The hills are cooler covered in beautiful rainforests and higher areas. The hills are lined with rhododendron, oaks, hemlocks, and pine trees.The region of trekking is mostly populated by Gurung people, as you explore some of the lovely typical hill villages. Nepal has more than 60 ethnic groups and 70 native spoken languages, with a blend of Hindu and Buddhism religions.On this trek expect more uphill climbs with downhill walks, but facing constant views of snow-capped peaks. Overlooking Annapurna and Dhaulagiri as far as Manaslu Himalaya range.

      Extension trips

      People with enough time in Nepal, can join in for various adventure sports activities in Pokhara. Likewise Paragliding, Ultra-Light Flight, Bungee Jumping, Zip Flyer, White water or scenic float Rafting. Other extension program is Mountain Biking for few days, and trip to Chitwan National Park for Wild-Life Safari.

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