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Shaligram Bhattrai

Director / Founder

Is 28 years old and holds the position of director/founder of the company and also conducts as the tour and trek guide. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Hindi. He has been working as a trek and tour guide since 2006. Mr. Bhattarai has 3 years of experience as a Spanish tour guide in Doha, Qatar with the Qatar Airways. He also has worked with travel companies in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. He has strong passion for travelling and trekking. He has been through number of glorious trekking paths in Asia and other continents.

Bharat Bhandari

Marketing Director

Is 42 years old and holds the chair as Marketing Director of the company. He also conducts as the tour guide in English, Spanish and Hindi, he is fluent in all those three languages. He has altogether 15 years of experience in hospitality and tourism sector. Mr. Bhandari has worked for 3 years in Qatar with the Qatar Airways as the cultural tour guide there. He is an avid trekker as well.

Manoj Niraula

Co-founder and Director of Customer Care and Finance

Is 35 years old and holds the position of co-founder and director of customer care and finance. He is also available as a tour guide and is fluent in English. Mr. Niraula has 10 years of experience in trekking business and therefore is also the consultant for trekking equipments.