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  • Where exactly is Nepal?

    Now, if you have only heard of Nepal and not researched much and don’t know where exactly it lies. Here you go: Nepal lies in South Asia and is a landlocked country between the two giant nations India and China. Nepal is renowned for being the home of Mount Everest (8,848m), the highest in the world and it also hosts 7 other eight thousand-ers in the world, out of 14 in total. The land where Gautam Buddha; the founder of Buddhism was born and a small country with incredible bio-diversity is what Nepal is.

  • What are things that you can do in Nepal?

    Nepal is an absolute thrill for all the adventure seekers out there. But that does not mean it is just for the incredibly fit ones. Nepal has adventures fit for people with different calibers. Nepal as some of the world’s best trekking routes, so that’s one thing you can do here. Also, if you have not seen already, we have some of the best trekking tour packages for you. Apart from treks, you can also experience variety of adventure sports like Paragliding, white water rafting, bungee jumping, mountain flights, helicopter tours, Ultra light flight etc. You can also experience religious and cultural tours.

  • I have only a week in Nepal is there a trek I can do in that time? Also, I want to be able to see mountain views.

    For people who have a short time to spend in Nepal and still want to see mountains, there are plenty of options. As you can see we have trekking options with variable time range. You have various treks around Annapurna and Langtang that can take you to mountains in even a week.

  • Is Nepal safe for visit?

    It has already been a year since the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal. The roads have been re-constructed and the trekking trails have been repaired if there had been any damage and most of them were unharmed in the first place. Also, Nepal is also politically stable and people are friendly as always. Nepal is very safe to visit. In fact, you’d be helping Nepal to stand up to the after effects of earthquake with your visit.

  • What kind of weather to expect in Nepal?

    Nepal is a very diverse country. The weather depends on the different regions. Nepal is physically divided into the Mountainous, Hilly and Terai (plains) regions. Mountainous region or the Northern side is the colder area, the temperature depends on altitude, however, the mountainous regions have pleasant weather in summer as well but could get to the point of snowing in winter, autumn or spring. If you are coming for a trek it is important to be prepared for the cold. The Terai region is hot and hill region or Kathmandu and Pokhara kind of places will be pleasant in spring

  • Who will guide us for the trek?

    We provide you a local Nepali to guide you throughout the trekking time. However, you will not face the language issues, as our local guide will be a fluent English speaker. However, if you find it difficult to connect with English Language we can arrange other guides who speak Spanish, Italian, but we should be informed about this in prior. They are all experienced guide and they know all the basic things that you should know during the treks. They have intensive ideas on the flora, faunas, geography, history of the different places of Nepal that you might want to know.

  • Are women safe in Nepal? Can she go in trek with your team?

    Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha. It is one of the peaceful countries in South-Asia. You need not worry about the safety of women because according to the culture of Nepal, guests, be it male or female are regarded as avatar of God (Quoted in Sanstrik as Athiti Devo: bhawa). So, you can feel absolutely safe in Nepal.

  • Do I have to compromise with the hygiene standards while going in the trek to rural areas? Should I carry any extra protection?

    Basically, we are used to managing food for western friends and guests so food will be hygienic and up to par. However, you might have to depend on the water-bottles when going to the trek sites which is not that much of hygienic. In our case, we prefer boiling water with the use of aqua tabs tablet to make it very hygienic

  • Is it my right choice if I am thinking to start my first trek from Himalayas?

    We have been serving with similar facilities to several newbie trekkers. To start trek from Himalayan is challenging but it is thrilled. Do not worry as we manage everything prior and acclimatize you if necessary while during the trek. Our experience is enough to guide you all the way through trek whether you have little or greater experience.

  • I have to know anything about the electricity in Nepal?

    In Nepal the electricity is 220 Volt, and 50Hz. If you are using any US appliances, it may have 110 Volt input with 60 Hz. If you do not care about this, you may destroy your laptop or mobile phones while charging in Nepal. So, it is important that you should manage to get a voltage converter. It is best if you carry power bank for your cell phone.

  • . Are there any restriction in dress code?

    Nepal is quite a tolerant country. People may not be accepting you walking in two-piece on the road but other than that, people are fine with your dress code. So, you can feel free to use any type of dress you feel comfortable to wear. However, since we will be in cold places, it is recommended that you carry with you some warm clothes. You can also buy warm clothes in Nepal

  • Does Nepal have ATM facilities?

    Yes, Nepal does have ATM facilities but they may be mostly centralized on the city area only. So, you might want to carry certain amount of money on your own while going on a trek.

  • Will it safe to go on a trek with hard cash?

    Nepal is much safer place. In fact, it might be safer place than your own home country. Moreover, we will be in a group while on the trek so you need not worry about it.

  • How likely is it for me to get sick while staying in Nepal?

    This is quite a tricky question. However, if you follow our instruction, you can stay fine. If you are in Nepal during rainy season which runs during June to September, you might have to protect yourself from Cholera and Diarrhoea. But, if you maange to skip drinking polluted water and drink only pure water from branded company, you can stay all healthy. It is preferred to use mask during day time while walking on the streets. You can find the clinics and hospitals easily in case if you need them.

  • Are there any security personnel or police dedicated for tourist?

    You can file your complain in Airport, or in Basantapur Durbar Square near New road. You can reach them from 11 a.m to 5 p.m. on 4-247041, 4-4268969. There is separate tourist police near NTDB (Nepal Tourism Development Board).

  • Is there anything special that I can take to my home counry from Nepal?

    There are many things that you can take from Nepal. From antique pieces to art and crafts to pashmina everything from Nepal is popular. The old art concept Of Thanka is also one of the most loved stuff of Nepal. And apart from these, you will always have your beautiful photos along with you to share with your beloved.

  • I have some medication to carry along? How can I bring it?

    Yes you can. However, it is strongly recommended that you come with the prescription and make sure that you have original medicine container to avoid hassle in custom inspection office.