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Everest Region

An adventure around high mid-eastern Himalayas with world’s highest peaks.

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Everest Region Trekking, is one of the most popular adventure regions around Nepal Himalayas, after the Annapurna Himalaya region.
Most trekkers’ favorite destination is Everest base camp, using several routes, either flying in at Lukla or walking from Jiri.
Everest Region has more to offer around its beautiful scenic areas, from moderate short treks of a week. As well as enjoying an adventure of two weeks or more, walk leads in the close shadow of towering Mt. Everest.Since the conquest of Mt. Everest on May 29th, 1953 by legendary mountaineers late Tenzing and Hillary. From then on it was exposed to the whole world, the beauty and charm of Everest and its friendly native Sherpa.Mt. Everest stands as the world’s highest peak at 8,848.86 m / 29,031.69 feet high, a mountain with several names. In the early days, it was known as Peak XV / 15 and renamed Mt. Everest. In tribute to Sir George Everest in 1865, the native Sherpa calls Chomolungma from Tibetan origin language. In Nepal, it’s known as Sagarmatha, which means Great Mother in both languages. The mountain straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet / China, the north belongs across the border.The South Face in Nepal is the favorite route for mountaineers to reach on top of Mt. Everest. As well for wide travelers choosing the south base camp for trekking adventures, along with local immense cultures.Everest Region Trekking, besides a famous and popular destination to base camp with various other beautiful places to venture.Everest Region from Lukla onwards falls within Sagarmatha National Park, designated as a world heritage site enriched with flora/fauna.
Where all trekkers require park entry tickets as well trekking fees collected by the village community.
We have the best destinations lined up for interested trekkers to choose from our list of Everest Region Trekking.


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      Major Highlights

      1. Mt. Everest Base Camp Trekking.
      2. Mountain & Monasteries Trekking.
      3. Gokyo Lake Trekking.
      4. Gokyo & Everest Base Camp Trekking.
      5. Everest Three High Pass Trekking.
      6. Classic Everest base camp trekking from Jiri.
      7. Pikey Hill Top Everest Panorama Trekking.

      The Everest Region offers much more, besides the above list for interested trekkers and adventurers. For other trekking around Everest region, let us know your interest, we also run and organize private trips and tailor-made or customized programs and itineraries. As per your time and holidays in Nepal, where all can enjoy from family, school/college group to corporate executives.

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