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Golden Triangle Tour in India

Golden Triangle Tour in India

Golden triangle in India is a tourist circuit connecting the Indian capital Delhi with Agra and Jaipur.

Golden Triangle Tour in India

Golden triangle is named as such as the shape formed by New Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan on map is triangular. This tour starts in Delhi. Eco Himalaya trek has one of the best golden triangle tour packages of all.

But it is these three cities that have so much to offer. You will witness various forms of India within India. These three cities will bring you to close the changing and western lives of Indian cities to the middle age villages existing in serenity. India has history of kings and rulers like no other country in the world. The Moguls were probably the most important rulers of India. And this trip will take you through cultural and interesting personal lives of then emperors of India, The Moguls. From the famous Taj Mahal, colorful Jaipur, the monuments and historical remains in New and Old Delhi to amazing temples, large forts, tall minarets, magnificent and lavish palaces etc., and so much more, India is a travelers’ elixir.

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